Energy and Technology Solutions Company
Since 2002
  • SBA 8(a) Certified
  • Minority/Women Business Enterprise Program (M/WBE)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • Small Business Enterprise Program (SBE)
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FAX:   (303) 648-6480
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ADDRESS:   6695 S. Quemoy Circle
Aurora, CO 80016 USA

Accentz, Inc.'s scope of work includes design, consulting, project management, and project implementation. We deploy experts for our client projects. Accentz is a single source provider of products and services.
Accentz, Inc. has patented unique innovative technologies and products to save energy by decreasing electrical losses, thus increasing the electrical network efficiency.

Main Attributes of our MPTS Units
  • Improves Electrical Power Quality
  • Decreases Amps ( Decreases Consumption)
  • Improves Power Factor to greater than 97 percent (Decreases Demand)
Benefits to the Customer - End User
  • The above attributes show up as saved dollars in the utility bills
  • Improves electrical efficiency to almost 100% through impedance matching
  • Releases electrical system capacity immediately- additional cost avoidance
  • Reduction in overloading of switchgear, transformers, cables etc.
  • Expands longevity of electrical equipment
  • Maintains stability of voltage for connected process equipment etc.
  • Reduced operating, and maintenance costs , capacity release & higher availability
Benefits to the Utility
  • Decrease in total electrical energy demand by users
  • Reduction in total electrical energy supplied
  • Reduces line current & power transmission losses (I²R losses)
  • Improves utility of installed equipment / switchgear/ cable to maximum capacity
  • Decreases eddy current heat generation/loss in Transformers
  • Reduces distribution, transmission, Operations & Maintenance costs
  • Assists in relieving peak demand power outages
Benefits to Power Generation
  • Reduces voltage surges & helps to maintain stable voltages
  • Decreases peak load current demand (Matches production to consumption KVA=KW)
  • Improves generator efficiency and performance
  • Cuts carbon emissions
  • Reduces capital requirements for new expansions
Benefits to the Environment
  • Decreases the carbon footprint and improves energy availability
  • Helps in the green movement

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